Braided and Knitted Hoses

BRILEN PES Polyester Yarns Braided and Knitted Hoses
BRILEN PES Polyester Yarns Braided and Knitted Hoses

Braided and Knitted Hoses

For pressure and technical hoses

High tenacity polyester yarn is widely used to make plastic hoses stable, such as those made from polyurethane (PU), PVC or others, with different applications in the construction and automotive industries, in agriculture, mining and gardening, among others. 

BRILEN is committed to the sector of hoses and concers about the importance of short lead times, safety stock availability and high level of flexibility that the market requires. Special supports (cylindrical tubes, cheeses and cones) are available for our customers and we could supply with different weight spools.

BRILEN PES Polyester Yarns Braided and Knitted Hoses

Main supplier for garden hoses market

BRILEN is one of the leading European suppliers of polyester yarn high tenacity to the knitted and braided hoses are used in innumerable applications:

  • Irrigation and the transport of water and fluids for gardening
  • Firefighting hoses, highly flexible hydraulic hoses
  • Extraction, compression, delivery and transport of fluids, liquids, gases...
  • Rigid and semi-rigid pressure hoses

Yarn to be used for food industry and potable water

Water Approval and Food Contact certifications for products in contact with drinking water and food are increasingly demanded by the market.  Our Food Contact yarn references fulfils the plastics regulation (Framework Rregulation No 1935/2004 and Regulation No 10/2011).  Please, contact us for local certification.

We care, we are committed, we fulfill expectations.