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BRILEN PES Polyester Yarns Narrow Fabrics

Heavy goods and materials are moved daily in the construction, transportation and industry sectors. Safety fixation, high resistance and a soft surface is a must on the textile lifting devices used for this purpose: Round lifting slings, polyester belts, fire-proof straps, harnesses, etc., must fulfill all the technical requirements in order to safely lift heavy loads to prevent accidents.

The automotive seatbelt segment is probably the most challenging end use of high tenacity polyester yarns. BRILEN SBX yarn type is available in 1100 and 1670 dtex to supply your projects with the highest quality demand.

BRILEN PES Polyester Yarns Narrow Fabrics

Strength is our purpose

BRILEN supplies the market with a wide range of very high tenacity polyester yarns, which are present in the majority of the applications where strength and low abrasion is required.

Break-strength reliability, prominent abrasion resistance, excellent dyeability, brigth and black spundyed yarn, strict optical control is offered by BRILEN. From 1100 up to 9900 dtex yarns are available.

Premium yarn quality for automotive seatbelt

The most modern spinning technology, a high-quality polymer and a total management quality system is necessary, in order to achieve the high level of standards requested by the whole automotive chain, from the yarn to the seatbelt end product. 

Proper dyeability in a wide range of colours, abrasion resistance to increase life expectancy, higher resistance, maximum cleanliness... BRILEN SBX range of yarns accomplishes the high level standards of quality.

Smart solutions for protection purposes.