BRILEN PES Polyester Industrial Yarns Sustainability



Within our growth and transformation programmes initiated in 1996, our company BRILEN-NOVAPET has always carried out a series of activities aimed at achieving business excellence.

Thus, at the same time as the company's production capacity has been increasing, incorporating the latest cutting-edge technologies, it has also ensured, in all its activities, major achievements in other key fields such as: quality, sustainability, occupational risk prevention, social commitment, best practices in the food sector, energy efficiency and good business practice standards.

In BRILEN we are committed to management and we integrate the quality, environment and energy efficency management systems according to our Integrated Management System PolicyLikewise, our goal is to achieve excellence in our activities taking under consideration human rights, safety, security, environmental commitment and business integrity, so we comply with our Code of Conduct and our Major Accident Prevention Policy.

As a result of this determination to achieve a sustainable company, these initiatives have resulted in the following milestones:

  • Management based on an integrated Process Management System.
  • Certification according to the EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.
  • Working in a LEAN-MANUFACTURING environment (5S, SMED, methods and times, kaizen, Information Centres, etc.): Perfect quality the first time + Waste minimisation + Continuous improvement.  
  • Continuous training of personnel to achieve quality objectives.

In everything we do: minimum impact, maximum value

BRILEN PES Polyester Industrial Yarns Sustainability


  • Certification according to the EN ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard.
  • Treatment of 100% of process water by MBR technology.
  • Analysis of our activities' carbon footprint.
  • Evaluation of environmental issues throughout our product’s life cycle (Environmental Product Declaration - EPD certified by Environdec)
  • Control and monitoring of our processes for early detection of possible environmental effects.
  • Continuous training of personnel to achieve environmental objectives.


  • Circular Economy Project: “REPROCESSING CENTRE and POST-INDUSTRIAL RECOVERY” project for all the waste generated in the plant, rPET generation project.
  • Thanks to our TIM inter-modal station, more than 80% of CO₂ has been reduced as a result of the transit from road to rail between the ports of Barcelona and Bilbao and the Barbastro plant.
  • Certification according to the EN ISO 50001:2018 energy management standard.
  • 14,140 kW Tri-Generation Station (GAS-COLD-VAPOUR-EE). With heating of the HTM with exhaust gases.
  • Self-consumption Photovoltaic Park:  Covering an area of 305,500 m², 105,000 m² for solar panels, which produces 15.2 GWh/year.  It will constitute the largest self-consumption photovoltaic park in Spain.    
BRILEN PES Polyester Industrial Yarns Sustainability