Technical Fabrics

BRILEN PES Polyester Yarns Technical Fabrics for textile solutions high tenacity multifilament yarns
BRILEN PES Polyester Yarns Technical Fabrics

Technical Fabrics

Customized PES industrial yarns for your textile solutions

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn is used for high performance applications where tenacity is the key factor. 

Depending on the area of application, High Tenacity Yarn is available in different variants like normal shrinkage, low shrinkage & super low shrinkage. The high tenacity yarn has high durability, toughness and chemical resistance to withstand extreme environments.

Textile solutions are present in the aerospace, medical, environmental, industrial, construction and defence industries, among others.

BRILEN PES Polyester Yarns Technical Fabrics

Specialists of PES yarns for textile solutions

We combine know-how and relationship management to achieve a yarn proposal which could accomplish your needs.  Everyone of our highly qualified and motivated workforce listensto our customers, because we aim to find the optimum solution for them. 

By our cutting-edge technology, from PET polimerisation and postcondensation to PES spinning yarn, chemical and textile full equipped laboratories... Every step along the way is assured by our quality management system.

Looking to your requests

Based on a combination of top-quality raw materials, appropiate polymer, tailored spin yarn and adequate finishing, we come up with solutions that meet customer expectations:  

  • Spinning yarn setting conditions and polymer modifications enable adequate physical properties of yarn required by the final end use (spun dyed, flame retardant, food contact, etc.) to be obtained.
  • Additional yarn properties can be added to the standard PES industrial yarn, either by masterbatch or spin finish application.