Brilen presents Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

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Brilen presents Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Highlighting its commitment to sustainability


Brilen, leader company of high-tenacity polyester yarn production, is proud to announce the completion of its Environmental Product Declaration. This declaration reflects our strong commitment to environmental protection and our ongoing efforts to promote sustainable practices in the textile industry.

Brilen's Environmental Product Declaration is the result of a comprehensive life cycle analysis, where we have evaluated and quantified the environmental impacts of our products at every stage of the life cycle. This holistic approach will allow us to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to minimize our environmental footprint.

Brilen's Environmental Product Declaration is available for consultation here and soon on our website.

With this initiative, Brilen strengthens its position as a leading company in the manufacturing of high-tenacity polyester yarn, committed to environmental care and the promotion of a more responsible textile industry. Our Environmental Product Declaration marks an important milestone in the journey and serves as a reminder of the power of innovation and corporate responsibility to generate positive change in our environment.